Thursday, July 23, 2015

looking good in the big apple

So I packed super light to come to nyc because I had to handle two little people and my suitcase and my purse and a food bag that included food for three for 9 hours or so. On top of that I needed to have all kinds of extras on hand like toys and headphones for 2, the special blanket, sweaters for 3, a pacifier and whatnot. It all had to fit in my purse and carry on because checking a bag adds a half an hour or more to the trip plus the possibility of lost luggage which i have had the bad luck of having that happen to me twice, both of which are unacceptable when traveling with little kids, yes?

SOOOOOO, I packed the most utilitarian clothes, nothing cool at all. no room. As I walked out the door I threw one extra dress, a cool 7 year old piece by Young Gifted and Broke, which would probably not work, into my overstuffed suitcase, just in case. And low and behold, I got taken out to dinner by a dear friend at  a great restaurant just off of canal street called Dimes and I wore the dress and it worked. It is just way too painful to not look good when going back to your hometown, yes?

Then today I got to go to my favorite kid's consignment shop, Jane's exchange on e 3rd street, and picked up some great nyc clothes for my girl, including some sky blue metallic leather loafers (what!!?). LA is great but she needs some serious style that you can only get in NY. We all need to look good, yes?

Lastly, my friend Jesse's lovely girlfriend Davi, who I have never even met, was so hospitable and kindly gave us a bag of goodies from Blackheart Records, for the kids really, but I snagged one of the Joan Jett kiddie tee shirts, because I could and to support Joan right now, a la non-judgement. My son got a Clash t shirt and my daughter got a Runaways tee and a Bad Reputation tee. Me and my friends all sang her the song and she has not taken it off since. It happened to be my favorite song when I was 14, so it makes sense that she would dig it. No matter what I do it always come back to the punk rock and roll, yes?

I will be at a wedding on saturday and mailed my Oscar dress and heels out last week, so I would not have to try and fit it in my suitcase, yet another excuse to wear that dress into the ground. My fashion philosophy is buy a hand picked exquisite expensive piece a couple of times a year, (don't waste money on the cheap stuff and do consignment if you have to), and then tastefully wear it into the ground. Wearing couture 5-10 years after the season it came out is style brilliance, or 90 years after it came out, in this dress's case. What a drag to be fashionably limited by space, money, or travel, so don't be. Can a get a witness?  xH

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