Thursday, July 30, 2015

rodeo drive

los angeles is grand. southern california is the american dream. the weather, the sky, the mountains, the ocean, the desert, everything so close and beautiful. and then there is that thing where some locations are as far away as connecticut or philly is to ny.

i had to take the kiddo to see a doctor today and it was a trek. so out of the way, but i did happen through beverly hills and i decided to stop and go to the gucci store, which i had been wanting to do for weeks because they have a new edition of a classic gucci boot out that i really wanted. Black, silver or beige leather higher than an ankle bootie, almost mid calf, back zip with a square toe and classic horse bit on the front. i have lusted for those boots for a decade or so when i saw a pair in white crushed patent. really really want! so we went to rodeo drive.

rodeo is another planet to me. it is the antithesis of my lovely silverlake los angeles life. I parked my car in front of a taxi-cab-yellow rolls royce, needless to say it was really unattractive, but i had to honk and yell at all the tourists taking pictures in the street just so i could get my car in. i must admit that i did feel a bit self conscious in that i was not looking my best and i had on no makeup and frizzy dirty hair left over from my humid new york visit. That plus a wrinkly summer dress and no bra, but alas i barged in like i belonged there and tried on the $1100 boots.

they were ok in real life but the truth is that i cannot do the 5 or 6 inch heel anymore, it is just too much. I can still dance all night in a pair of platforms that conceals a 4 inch slope, but my days of going steeper than that are behind me. alas, i am indeed showing signs getting old. so be it. i took the salesman's card, but i am not getting the boots. unless i find them for a fraction of the price at some point, then i get to satisfy the urge and not feel guilty for not getting much use out of them. they were cool but not great. with age comes the wisdom to know when to refrain from embracing, yes?

btw, as i am still a little homesick, i have been wanting to post this, which i came across when i posted liza singing new york new york a few days ago. it is her doing that song again, but at one of the first baseball games in new york after 911. she can still belt it out. amazing. a real fun tear jerker. xxh

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