Friday, July 31, 2015

silly things I missed doing in ny

Every year I go back home a couple of times and I always have a list of things I want to do, places I want to eat, stores I want to check out, streets I want to walk down. I made it to the important places but the truth about life is that you never get to do everything you want to do. I never got to do everything I wanted to do there even when I lived in new york. There are always concerts in central park and exhibits at different museums, and blocks I want to walk down. Jeepers, in Manhattan alone there are over 200 numbered streets, so probably over 300 counting everything below Houston and including avenues. Hard to touch it all. Still I want to

So here is a silly short list of the things I missed doing:

Going to Dojo's, first and foremost. I have been wanting to go there for 3 years now. There was rumor it was closing and I was in town and I still did not get there. I just want a soy burger dinner, but then I think about how heavy it is and how far a trek to the west village it is and it gets postponed another year. I may never get there, but I still want to.

Shopping at Pat Fields and Trash and Vaudeville. I have not been to Pat’s in decades. I imagine the store on 8th street in the 90’s, but still I want to visit. The same with Trash. My dream of Trash is being 14 and getting to touch cool clothes for the very first time. I spent an entire paycheck on boots there at 15. I probably wouldn’t find a thing I could relate to these days but I still get the urge.

Going to White Castle, yep, I will never go there, but driving past it on Queens blvd gives me the urge to taste a burger shake and fries. It would destroy my body internally and externally, so I do not take that urge seriously.

The Met. One if my fav paintings is George Washington Crossing the Delaware, so big and bold with the horses and the ice, I can just feeeel it. It blows me away, takes me right to the revolution. Gorgeous. I want to show it to my kids. One day I will.

All of my old apartments, including the one I owned in the west village. Easy come easy go.

Jumping in all the city pools and sprinklers, Ft Tryon, Tompkins Square, Houston and C.

Inwood park and the Dyckman House, i just want to walk the streets from Dyckman to the bridge, stopping at Sheila's building, Patricia's, Ellen's, Good Shepherd.  I actually drove past Susana's as we detoured across Dyckman, but I did not get to get out or eat puerto rican food or anything.

And of course i missed seeing all of you the most. So many beautiful faces, so little time. Happy for the one's i did see. Hopefully next time.

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