Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sorry for the radio silence, I heart ny

We are having technical difficulties.....
Arg, I missed you last night. I tried to post but did not have a wifi password and then when I did I was caught up in getting 2 jet-lagged kids to bed. 

Funny but I had thought about surrendering to motherhood, to just being available, to letting go of my attachment to "me time" where I get to chill and write each night and lo and behold, it was forced upon me. I was stuck parenting and wound up not even washing my face for lack of time. They just needed me so I was there. Not easy or fun but sometimes necessary.

Anyway, I am in NYC and thrilled to be here and seeing friends. We went to Coney Island today and beautiful strangers offered to help me get the stroller up and down the stairs without me even asking. I made sure to tell my daughter, "that is New York. See how people just offer to help do heavy lifting!" It was truely beautiful and heart warming. I had been nervous about making the trek alone but it turned out perfect and easy AND i ran into a beachmate and dear friend/sister on the subway. talk about being taken care of. i am so taken care of when i come home. We had a blast in the water and sand. 

Technical issues, so I will continue maƱana!
I  L O V E  NY.

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