Saturday, July 4, 2015

the founding mothers and fathers

Oh how I love the story of a small group of people coming together and fighting for what they believe in, seeking liberty and changing the world. What made the founders of the united states so successful was their far reaching vision, their intelligence, their quest for the best for ALL people and their unification over a primary purpose., Those four ingredients are all equally important and often what is missing from so many unsuccessful movements.

I am in awe of the story of the beginning of this amazing country. I love it all. Yes, they had some blind spots around women and slaves, but the structure of the constitution allowed for those issues to be resolved, or start to be resolved and allows for other such issues to continue to resolve as society progresses.

I love the whole system with all of its imperfections. I love free speech, that we are have the right to criticize the government, allowed to seek change, entitled to speak up, and are usually successful when the issue is around the freedom and liberty and justice for all. It is definitely a work in progress and always will be but so very beautiful in the grand scheme.

The Star Spangled Banner brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. The words are about a flag but I hear them speaking about hope, seeing glimpses of the flag when a rockets red flare would light the sky, knowing that we were undefeated as long as we got those glimpses, through the dark night, till the dawn broke. I have been through many such a night. They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn, yes?

So as our country turns this part of the road, with many issues raised and some progress being made, I have great hope for this great country and great gratitude for our forefathers and mothers.  From every mountain top let freedom ring!

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