Friday, July 24, 2015

you can't put your arm around a memeory

travel really messes with the equilibrium. i forget so many things when i am traveling, i forget that when my baby is not eating anything for dinner, i should check his diaper. checked it too late. so all he ate for dinner was 2 bananas. i forget to notice exactly how exhausted my daughter is until it is way to late. i am hip to all of the clues at home but while traveling, i am off my game and so is she. so tonight she seemed cool until i started to wash her hair, which is a real event, and then she melted into craziness. i would never have washed it if i had noticed any of the clue, which were subtle. i was off and so was she and it can all lead to the perfect storm, but somehow the gods intervened.

the baby is way sensitive too. both are de-jet-lagging and  it is hard to guess what the schedule should be and when bedtime is. I have to remember to tread lightly, but i forget to because i am off my game too. i need to tread lightly with myself too. i forget because it doesn't seem like such a big deal. we are just traveling, but we are all sensitive, all off our game all needing tenderness and ease as we are strangers in a strange land. not really, but yep, strange enough, it makes a difference. live and learn. i need to remember to remember.

otherwise, i am loving my trip, happy to be here. life is great. new york is my home. i am loving seeing my amazing family and friends. and remembering that i need kid gloves with everything. remember to remember.

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