Saturday, August 15, 2015

co workers part 2

So I work with this guy Al Berman, comedian, and one of the funniest people I know. What I love about him other than that he makes me laugh all the time is that he feeeels me. Al and I both had bands back in the days when we were running wild in the streets with our criminal minds and we have both given up the hustle for bigger and better things, but we still appreciate the hustle. We still have the kind of mind it takes and on occassion when there is a gaping hole in the system that only Al and I can see we will smile slyly at eachother across the room and then burst into hysteric. Yeah, we could if we wanted to, but we live a different kind of life now, mmmm hmmmmm.

The other cool thing about Al is that he loves great music and knows about punk. In the real world there are people who don’t know certain songs and certain bands and it’s not a big deal. I am married to someone who does not share my musical history with me. That’s fine. But every blue moon there is a moment when you think of a song or a scene or a lyric or an attitude and you just feel better when someone else gets you, feels you, knows what you are talking about. (The Beauty of my husband is that he will let me take him there and bring him to understand what I am talking about, I love him.) The beauty about Al Berman is that he already knows and he will sing it back to me in a beautiful voice. Love ya, Ber.

I have a theory that every person’s name is sung in some song. Mine is sung in “My Sweet Lord”, Holly Ramos, Ramos Ramos… Al’s is right here Al B there..

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