Saturday, August 1, 2015


About two months ago: You know that electric crack of a guitar cable touching the input of a live amp. CRCHZANGSNAP! I was lying in bed about to doze while my son napped next to me and there in my room, as loud as if I were on stage at CBGB’s plugging in my own SG into my Marshall… CRCHZANGSNAP! My eyes popped open, no one had snuck into my room. Could it really be a neighbor? I am still not sure who. It was so loud and miserable and detrimental that I held my breath. Then there was nothing, no sound. I let out my breath and started to doze again. A little later a muffled electric guitar played in another room further away and at a lower volume. Why? I don’t know. I do know that I did not panic, I just allowed it to go away and it did. Sometimes when we worry and cling in fear and project the worst, bad things linger. I’m just saying…Miracles abound.

Tonight the guitar came back as I was putting the kids to bed, a little louder than the bearable muffle of the last time. The baby sat up looking around. It continued. Another neighbor started blasting opera to drown out the sound, loud and clashing. I just lay there calmly and eventually the guitar got adjusted and then the opera, and then everyone fell asleep. Trust.

Then my daughter woke with a stuffed nose, cough and fever. Breath. Ah the rollercoaster…

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