Sunday, August 30, 2015

Death comes sweeping down the hallway in its sunday best

Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away.  I am very sorry to hear the news but alas, they say that he was excited about transitioning and seeing what is next in the adventure. His presence on the planet will be missed but his extraordinary body of work remains.

I am facing so much death and loss right now and thinking about it all. I have been telling my daughter about what might happen next when a person dies. She is full of wonder and questions and since I have no idea, only ideas, I am trying to pass those along to her. She is into reincarnation and heaven and the rainbow bridge and a person’s spirit that lives in our heart, that can be with us always. I am leaving the door wide open for her to explore. All I know is that photos of Loc have been magically turning up around our home and Vietnamese woman are randomly entering our life and I am encountering older asian women, looking at me knowingly, everywhere I turn, and it is not a coincidence as far as I am concerned…

I have also been researching this new green burials and cremations where the bury your un-embalmed body or your ashes in a graveyard that is just a field of wild plants.  I have more to say, but this is just about all I got tonight. More on that tomorrow...

Rest in peace Wayne Dyer, or fly in wonder. xH

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