Saturday, August 29, 2015


There is this one actress who is in a few things and she is amazing, really out there, brilliantly vulnerable to the point of unease on the viewer’s part but you cannot take your eyes off of her. I can’t, anyway. She makes you wonder if she is that good or just nuts. She was at a party I was at and at first glance she seemed nuts in full drag at a backyard daytime party, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt, I related to her. When I was in my 20’s I did the laundry in full drag, heels, couture, floor length pieces, and false eyelashes. I put on the whole bit just to go out in the daylight and lug a heavy bag across the street. I was on my own glamour planet, I get it. So I let her dress code slide. Then I heard her talking to my daughter.

They were both petting an old dog who was laying on her back, happy to have her belly petted. The actress said to my kid, you have to pet her right here and she scratched the dog as close to her reproductive organs as possible without it being sex. My girl just looked at her like she was weird and said “That’s her privacy.” The actress said “No its not, her privacy is over here.” My kid knew better than to argue with a crazy person and she was silent, continuing to pet the dog the way she was before the conversation, without engaging. The actress walked away. Kids can be so smart. Question answered., did the ramones really do a country number?

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