Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we avoid them.

Diary of a teenage girl!!!!!!! Go see it in the theater!!! Support!!!  Women, tell your stories! We need to hear all the stories about girls and women and life and love and sex and growing up and everything!! I particularly loved the scene where the friends have sex with the guys for money and then they both say how it was a mistake. Watching it reminded me of this story..

During my promiscuous time, I just wanted to try everything, to see what it would feel like, what would happen. One time I was at a club and the owner, or manager or whatever was making advances. He was an older than me, not my type, but I was curious. We wordlessly decided to hook up. So I hung around till closing and my girlfriend stuck around with me so I would not be alone till he got done with everything. When everyone else was gone, my girlfriend left the club and the guy locked the door with a key. It locked with a key from inside and that turn of his key terrified me to my core. I could not open the door if I wanted to.

So I acted extra interested in him, made my very best I-want-to-have-sex-with-you-right-now face, and then opened my eyes real wide and said that, opps, my pal had my keys and I needed to grab them from her and I would be RIGHT BACK. A great tool in a time of perceived danger, real or not, is to fake calmness and attraction. He opened the door and I slowly walked away with a flirtatious smile and then ran like hell to get away and catch up with my pal who drove me home. It probably wouldn’t have been dangerous, she said, just gross. Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes we avoid them. Whatever it would have been, it never would be.

Oddly, the very next night I was out at Jackie 60 and the guy was there and he saw me. I was not scared of him in this neutral setting and I walked right up to him and said how I was oh so sorry about the other night and any misunderstanding, but I had been on acid (which was a big fat lie, of course). He had no idea what to make of me and I found his confused face hysterically funny (I waited till later to laugh). I went on to have a great night with someone else. I still have no idea if my terror was reality based, but alas, one must always go with their gut.  You can always apologize but you can’t turn back time.

Ohh, I remember dancing to this one at the Empire State Soul Club. ESSC forever!

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