Friday, August 28, 2015

yes, Ringo, thank you...

This is a hard week for my family, so I did something hard for me, I asked for help. I sent and email out to friends and acquaintances in my area asking for help with the daily tasks and people were so kind and showed up so generously and helped me and most importantly gave me moral support. Everyone was so nice and it was so helpful and felt so good.

Tonight was the only night someone did not come. And what was amazing about that was that it made it so obvious how much the visits helped. I made it through tonight without help but it was so much easier the other night.

I have always believed in being of service and helping whenever I can and I have lived my life that way.  Still, I really feel uncomfortable asking for help and can rationalize how I don’t really need it but in the end I just did need it and do need it right now, and I took the action and asked. I find that people are happy to help when you ask. I am so lucky to have good friends.

Kindness saves lives! Peace out!

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