Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Planned Parenthood is asking women to stand in solidarity and share their experiences with abortion to help de-stigmatize this normal, ancient, healthy procedure using this hashtag ‪#‎shoutyourabortion” posted my friend Viva. She has a shirt that says “I’ve had 2 abortions. God was cool with it.”

I LO V E her and what she is saying. She is bringing unconditional love and non judgment to the conversation. She constantly brings me to greater and greater non-judgment on so many topics, judgment I did not even know I had. I adore her and her mind and soul for that! Thank you.

I am not writing this because I think I can change anyone’s mind. If I do that is great, but I am writing it to broaden the views of all the people with my same pro choice views, because I love sharing things that have broaden my views, that open me even further to the truth. I believe in a loving spiritual force/universe that loves me unconditionally. By my trying to love myself and those in my life unconditionally and non-judgementally, I  need help to keep me on course, I need reminders to keep me out of the closet of darkness and judgment and shame and whatever and I want to be that support to others as well.

My story is that I never had a medical abortion. I used birth control regularly from day one of sexual activity and yet I still found myself in a position where I could have been pregnant because my birth control failed one time. The condom broke so I knew it failed, I saw it fail, which is not always the case, yes? I wound up taking the abortion pill. 

At the time I was dating an unavailable guy. Dating is strong word. He was the type of person that was fun company except if I was needy. If I needed anything from him, emotionally, he was gone. He was unreachable via the cell he always had on him all that day that  I went to the doctor and got the pill. Just doing that, getting the pill, was a hard decision, I did not take it lightly. It was not fun or frivolous. It was emotional and it was necessary, like most abortions. Had I not known in time and found myself pregnant I would have gotten a medical abortion, not happily or casually, but absolutely.

And I was indeed happy that I was not pregnant. I could barely support myself financially at the time, I did not have a partner to raise a child with, but most importantly, I did not want a child and I was not ready to be a mother. As a mother I can think of nothing worse than someone being forced to have a child before they are ready and able, which is cruel and unusual punishment. Forcing someone to have a child is cruel and unusual punishment. I respect everyone’s view on the topic but I do not respect forcing that view on anyone else's body. Like it or not, we are all responsible for our own reproductive choices. Lets keep it that was legally. God bless everyone, always.

Love yourself always, brave beautiful people.

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