Thursday, September 10, 2015

Daily practice

So I have been really affected by this post I saw about how fast time passes. It is written by someone who is almost 100 years old, or it is at least written by someone who is writing with the wisdom of someone who is that old. Who knows who the author is of any internet post. The post is an art piece that includes the photo of a very old woman next to a young model and the stark contrast is stunning. The words say something to the effect of “would you listen if I told you how fast time passes,” and “in the end there are no answers, just stories.”

I am always trying to be more kind and loving, forgiving of  any injuries, present and warm, showing up gracefully for all of the struggles and living with an open heart, a tall order that I fail at constantly, but still do my best to try and make progress daily. And this post has pushed me to up my practice to the next level. I see how fast it goes, my daughter is 5 ½ years old and that time has passed in a blink of an eye. Having kids really makes all of this work more profound and more desireable. I always want to show up as a better parent, more patient, empathetic, loving, and I want to appreciate all of the joy, and yet daily it is so easy to get caught up in the staggering frustrations and get lost in the work and lose sight of all the gifts. Parenthood is such a hard job but the gifts are boundless, and it is a real practice to stay in that zone of appreciation and joy, rather than frustration, (which for me becomes anger), exhaustion and the grind. Having to practice that paradigm shift IS the gift. Let me say that again, One of the great gifts of getting to be a parent is that I have to work hard to stay in the joy and appreciation zone. I have to work those muscles daily, I have to be super buff in that area and that is a grand GIFT!!

It all goes by so fast, time and life. Every mom tells you this when you become a new mom. It all goes by at a neck breaking speed, this life thing, having kids only brings that information into focus faster.

In the end there are no answers only stories. I hope that my story in the end is that I was kind and loving, that I let go of the negative feelings towards whomever, that I stayed in the zone of love and appreciation.

I hope this inspires at least one person. Love to you all.

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