Sunday, September 20, 2015

dressed like a hipster but there was something off

I picked up some pizza for the kids today and on the way into the pizza place I saw a guy come out of a club, maybe from a soundcheck. He caught my eye because he was dressed like a hipster but there was something off about him. He was skinny and had the right clothes, but something was bugging me. He had a combover to cover his bald spot that he almost got away with, but I could see it from behind. He was older than the other people milling in and out of the club. Being older and having a bald spot and trying to conceal both things is no great crime but he just felt off.

He reminded me of the guy in a Joyce Carol Oats story called Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been. They made it into a film called Smooth Talk with Laura Dern which was a little different from the book, which was about a girl who is with a guy and she started to realize he was much older than her, although he had come across a peer maybe, she just starts seeing all these details that are not right. And things go wrong from there.

Anyway, he and his pal went into the Pizza place before me and I had 2 kids waiting in the car and so I walked up to the counter while the guys dallied and I ordered before them and the off guy shoot me a look. I ignored it.

Nothing came of it, no big deal, I just was weary of him. As I was walking out the door he said to me “I like your ‘Love’ tattoo.” I have a tattoo on my ankle that says “Love”, the letter L is a snake and the “o” is a spade. I designed it. It was my first tattoo and cost $5.00. It is really childish and almost 3 decades old. He had to be studying me as much as I was studying him to spot it and read it on my moving body. I said “Oh, Thanks. It is really old” and left. Creepy. Anyway, stranger, if you happen to be reading this, my being weirded out is just my shuff, nothing to do with you, who I do not even know. Peace out. 

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