Friday, September 25, 2015

Interdimensional Shake-Up

So i am just going to go ahead and share this tonight. I am very interested in the work of a woman named June Brought who is intuitive and beyond. She does something called Akashik readings, which tells of your soul's blueprint. Take it or leave it. But she sent this out and I am sharing it because it is so interesting. I am down with an INTERDIMENSIONAL SHAKE-UP. Hell, i am down with almost any shake up. Shake ups are great for the soul and the mind and everything. I would love to hear people's experiences in relation to it, if there are any and i will report mine, for sure, as i can always use new material. I already had a major miracle regarding the time frame, so who knows. If nothing else, I am digging the idea that "embracing of these 'I don't know' feelings'... is the specific gateway to heart-based awareness, as unsettling as it may feel at the moment." xxH

ala June Brought:
We are in the upswing of a profound interdimensional integration this week, culminating on the 27th & 28th; corresponding with astrological events and an influx of Gamma rays. For many there will be a sense of 5th dimensional experience blending with the more familiar 3D human experience. The physical symptoms are "heady"...a feeling of pressure or expansion in the head, a vibrating or trembling in the body, heightened visual sense of color and light; a feeling of being physically off balance when moving , insomnia, a feeling of being lifted up, memory lapses, and other fun stuff 

Some are referring to this weekend as the "Ascension"; the Akashic Record refers to the integration human and Divine awareness unlike any we have experienced on this planet.

The most important tools at this juncture are extreme moment to moment presence, taking the next aligned physical step, forcing nothing, resisting nothing. Authentic, loving communication with others, while honoring Self is also key, as emotional reactivity is running high.

A sense of not knowing who we are, where we're going , or perhaps why we even care is symptomatic of the human will collapsing into the Divine will. This requires surrender to and even embracing of these "I don't know" feelings. This is a specific gateway to heart- based awareness, as unsettling as it may feel at the moment.
here is her website if you need to know more

can you dig it? yes i can and i 've been waiting such a long time ...

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