Tuesday, September 29, 2015

photo shoot 1970

I saw this woman on a game show with straight shiny anglo hair, cut in a neat bob and parted on the side with one barrette holding it in place, almost exactly like Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums, except 30 years earlier. I adored her look. Oh, man, was I ever going to copy that style for my photo shoot that week.

Day of my shoot I parted my thick bushy Puerto Rican Irish hair to the side in a big tangled mess and put the barrette in place, just like the lady had it. I put on a navy wool turtleneck with a zipper up the front with a round metal zipper pull at the throat paired with a red wool mini skirt and red tights and brown crushed patent loafers. I finished the look with a yellow-smiley-face-with-googly-eyes-that-moved pendant on a long chain.

As I left for Kindergarten that morning, photo day, my mother said that I needed to take off the necklace but I protested. She squashed the argument by saying that it was too much metal for a photo and that I could wear the necklace to school but I had to take it off for the photo, and that if I didn’t the photographer would ask me to take it off anyway.

My heart beat in my chest as I defied my mother and left on the necklace for the photo. I just could not bear to mess up the look. I waited as my turn approached to see if the photographer would agree with my mother and tell me to take the chain off. He did not. I still have the photo. It is way too personal to share right now. It fills me with so many feelings. Use your imagination.

Yes, tomorrow is photo day at kindergarten and my little fashionista has her look picked out, including a green velvet glitter dress. Like mother like daughter. Amen.

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