Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sex at the Limelight

One time I went to the Limelight to see Jayne County, personal idol, transgender pioneer, rock star, and legend, who always reminded me a bit of my dear aunt Carol, mostly because of her brilliant mix of  coolness, warmth and goofiness, ala Phyllis Diller. There was some fetish event going on at the club, but I was there for the music. The place was really raging. People, mostly gay, were having a lot of sex in the room. People were getting spanked and giving and getting head, and many people were in various states of undress, wearing chaps and nothing else, etc. That was not abnormal in the New York club scene. I was used to being in places like that, not as a vouyer at all, but as an indifferent jaded hipster. I was often in rock clubs but also many gay clubs or art scene type places where everyone was an object d’art and people were doing performance art and getting naked for one reason or another and of course in the club world there was always someone trying to have sex in some dark corner, or in this case, not so dark corner. This night was a bit more intense but whatever, Jayne County was playing, man.

We saw Jayne play and it was brilliant. Later, as we walked home all hopped up on the rock and roll energy, we loudly made our way down the depressingly dead sixth avenue, or Avenue of the Americas as it was called. B confided in me that earlier in the night he saw a cop in the club and his thought was “Thank god the police are here,” thinking that the presence of the police might keep some order in the sheer sexual chaos going on around us, not registering that the cop was a gay man in fetish drag ala the village people. We proceeded to laugh till we could not breathe. 

Still today, we can still say that line to each other, “Thank god the police are here,” and double over in glee and pain from not breathing. I love people who can have a sense of humor about themselves, they teach uptight me how to do the same. I love you B....Still laughing 30 years later. Forever.

"You might as well live because some day your gonna die"....

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