Monday, September 21, 2015


So I can do dark. I love breaking bad and true detective, season one. so we went to see Sicario and the film was top notch in that genre, great acting, great directing, great music, well worth seeing, but it messed with me on such a deep level like no other film has. There was some noise In the theatre during the show and I was sure there was going to be a shooting, but there wasn't. Then, sitting in the car idling, I saw what I thought was a shadow approaching and gasped in terror. It was just another car. Finally, I went to bed and had multiple nightmares including one where a cab brought me to a location I did not recognize and I got out and was surrounded by cop cars with shields up, guns drawn. I assumed They were after the cabbie, but no one cared that I was in the line of fire and they started spraying some red gas which forced me to wake. yikes. 

There is another film out, a scary psychological thriller, about 9 year old twins whose mother has plastic surgery and they start to think that the woman who comes back in bandages and then looks different is not their mom. The reviewer said that the movie would really mess you up and stay with you, so I purposely did not see it. I tend to avoid horror and stuff that messes with the psyche, i never saw texas chain saw massacre back in the day and so i never will. but I did not expect a cop drug film to kick my ass. Alot of my friends with kids don't do dark anymore, but i like dark i want to do dark, but the entertainment business is getting darker and darker and I think I sat my limit.

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