Sunday, September 6, 2015


Oh, the delight of the Pacific Ocean, warm for a change, from the heat wave. Rough waves, sand, french fries, rides. My daughter went on her first roller coaster and was not pleased. She said she will never go on one again. We'll see. I liked that her reaction was honest and she was true to herself. She cried midway through the short ride and I had the attendant let us off before it went around again. Poor baby.
I remember the first time I rode the cyclone. I was with a girl named Patricia. i just grit my teeth and got through the scary ride. she cried. I think that was healthier, she was more in touch. But I did grow up to be a roller coaster lover. But, not so much these days.
Anyway, my brain is on vacay. Enjoy your amazing life as it unfolds each glorious magnificent day under the blue sky and, in my case, the warm California sun.

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