Friday, September 4, 2015

The struggle is normaL

I have this thing that is really difficult in my life and there has been an internal shift in me. This is going to sound so airy but my mother in laws passing has cracked me open to this really powerful love. Things have been happening around the house,  you hear stories like this all the time when someone dies, like a door that was being held closed by a shoe, suddenly blew open and I felt this warm warm love and it is reminding me what is important.

So in my struggle I am able to move past the ego-y part that wants an answer and wants to be right and can only be kind if the other asshole changes first and acts like a person who deserves kindness. Yep, that part of me is alive and well. But this bigger love keeps reminding me to turn all of my negative impulses into white light LOVE.

Lawrence Cohen has these great tips in his book Playful Parenting. When a kid aims a fake gun at you, you can say, “oh, that’s a love gun, anyone you shoot with it will fall in love with you” and if they say no its not, you can say “then it must be broken, because I just feel in love with you,” and chase them all googly- eyed. Transform hostility into play, which is a step in the right direction for transferring  fear and ego into love.

I am low on the capacity to let stuff slide off of my back. It gets snagged on my trauma and gets triggered and accessing the Mother Teresa place is no easy feat. I would love to hear what tricks you use when facing the difficult and the ego. Peace out, my dears.

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