Sunday, September 6, 2015

The tide is high

The water was rough yesterday, so my daughter did not want to go the beach today, even though we are here at the beach on our holiday. Instead we did the pool and the pier, the rides and the aquarium. It is perfect even though I love the beach and really wanted to swin in the sea. Doing things with little  kids is not like doing things use to be. I don't get to lay for one sec on the towel, I don't get to swim alone for more than five minutes, I don't get to rest or read, I am working the whole time, so not doing something I love is not the same as not doing something I love used to be. It's fine because it is fine. And it is fine because there are other things that happen with little kids that are new and even better.

The day was great because grandpa came and he went on a ride with my girl. He had not been on a ride in dare I guess 4 decades, give or take two. We all ate ice cream and pet star fish and walked around the boardwalk like it was the jersey shore, just having fun. Then right before bath we sat on our terrace and watched the sunset into the mountains behind the curved pacific coast. Perfect timing. The baby was howling with the joy we were all feeling.

Tonight in the bath, this conversation happened:
Me: what was your favorite part of the day?
Daughter: I am not ready to talk about it.
Me: mine was watching you and grandpa on the balloon ride.
Daughter: mine was the ice cream.
Me: and watching the sunset...
Daughter: mine was eating the ice cream.
Me: and petting the animals at the aquarium.
Daughter: and going on the ride with grandpa and petting the animals at the aquarium.
Me: and the ice cream.
Daughter: mmmmm.

If we had really been on the jersey shore we would have heard this at least twice, since they've been playing it heavy rotation for the last 4 decades

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