Monday, October 26, 2015

74: what a difference a day makes.

Giant raccoons wander by me by the light of the full moon and coyotes run by, shining in someone’s headlights. It is wild out here in los angeles. All the creatures are out and about and seeking me out. I am so in the flow it is not even funny.

I had no awareness that I was in the flow as a gig was handed to me so easy, as I rehearsed in the neighborhood, down the block, piece of cake. I had no idea I was in a band and that I was supposed to be in a band. The channels opened and everything feels different. Light years ago I had resistance and now it is all free and easy.

I had spontaneity tonight, which is super rare in these parts amongst my crowd. We are busy people with lives and yet someone was free to have dinner right then and there when I called and it was so fun and great. Not only was she available, but another friend happened to be in the restaurant next door and I could have joined her spontaneously if I needed a plan b. I was getting everything I needed and proof that there was more right there a few feet away.

I am getting everything I need with such ease. Everyone I encounter and speak with is saying what I need to hear. People are telling me they have empathy for me if I need it, anytime. Those words are so foreign and rare but are being said, to me, truthfully.

I actually won an ipad today on top of everything and I did not even know I was in a contest to win one.

That is the power of expression, one silly morning time gig, and everything is different. Man did I need to play that show. I did not even know I needed to do it, but a friend knew and invited me and backed me up and got me there. I did not have to pull the train in my teeth al by myself, like I used to, because everyone was pushing it for me, happily, easily.

Life I not always like this so I just want to acknowledge it and express great gratitude. Thank you world.

The simple truth is that you always have everything you need, you just forget sometimes. and sometimes it is so abundant and easy that it is comical. I write this not to brag but to remind us all. 

be a good friend to someone, do for them what they cannot do for themselves. xxh

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