Friday, October 23, 2015

77: so f*ing cool and even beautiful

In third grade a nun yelled at me because my long tangled hair was in my eyes. She violently pulled my hair back into a ponytail and fastened it with a painful thick rubberband. The worst part was that she pulled it all behind my ears, which I hated because my ears stuck out a bit and I always made sure to cover my ears with my hair, even when in a ponytail. I tried to pull little pieces free to cover my ears and make myself look a bit more attractive but the hair was so tight and the band was so sticky and it really hurt.

For some reason I was going to my friends house for lunch. I never did that on a school day but my mother must have had something to do that day. I cannot fathom what that might have been. Anyway, the way I remember it is that when I got to the house, my friends mom was there but not my friend. I do not know if I was crying or if I talked about it or if she could just tell but for some reason she fixed my hair for me. I remember how tenderly she brushed it, without pulling at the knots or pushing my head around. I had never had my hair brushed so kindly before. And then she kindly styled it  in an early 1970’s style, giving me  some lift in the back and some wave in the front, letting my hair swoop down over my ears and then beautifully swoop back up in the back. I could not believe my hair was capable of looking so f*ing cool and even beautiful. I will never forget what she did for me.

Be kind to someone who might be having a hard day.

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