Monday, October 19, 2015

81:do what you love, watch empire

I have never watched soap operas, daytime or night. I almost never watch network tv other than a Saturday night live or a late night talk show maybe once a month, if even that. I am not a tv person or a soap person. But I am here to tell you that Empire, the network soap on Fox, is brilliant, but you probably already knew that. If you didn't, then please keep reading. empire has an amazing cast that must be pinching themselves every night because they get to do the most hilarious camp AND make history every week with their ground breaking topics. They cover homophobia, black lives matter, mass incarceration, and more, while having cat fights, killing enemies, doing lesbian scenes with Marisa Tomei and delivering some of the best and the worst one liners ever. this show is too good to miss. It is pure joyous fun of the best kind because it is relevant. the show actually matters. the music is cool too. Oh, and it is supposed to take place in ny but they barely try to find locations that look like ny, which is geniusly funny. catch up on Hulu and the watch it every Wednesday. 
Find something you love doing and do it. Xh

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