Monday, October 12, 2015

88: I am playing a show

I was in bands for a few decades and took a break when I started to try to make a family, which is its own creative project. In some ways I do not miss all the hard work and time it takes to play shows, but I forgot how fun it is to make music, especially in community.

As I have said before, I do not have much by way of free time with a baby. In a year or so that will change but now is not the time for projects, but this was just handed to me. “wanna play a show? I have a slot for you, I will accompany you.” so I said yes. 

Somehow i found some time and energy to rehearse. I am not planning on being perfect. but maybe bringing some fun and light into the world. 5 songs, me and Jonathan Sterns. Free and easy. At the Ivan Ho Down 11:30 am (similar slot that Black Sabbath played at Live Aid) oct 24th. $5. It is a fund raiser. See you there.

Don’t forget t bring your truth, beauty and goodness.

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