Friday, October 2, 2015

98 bottles of beer on the wall.....

I read this today and found it so interesting and it rang so true to me. I hope it helps someone, and of course it relates to girls as well. I just want to keep inviting anyone who wants to listen, particularly myself, to stay present, be available, sit through the hard work and get the payoff, the gold of human connection.

In regard to the huge increase in the diagnosis of attention deficit Disorder, now called ADAH, Lawrence Cohen writes in Playful Patenting, “..I think many attention problems in boys are really attachment problems. They have more to do with the boy’s cup being empty or leaky than they do with any inability to process information. No one can process information properly or pay attention well if they don’t have the secure base of good attachment. Stanley Greenspan write  ‘The active energetic child soon leans to seek in stimulation the satisfaction he cannot find in intimacy.’ Then of course all that racing around makes him hard to be close to. Thus the impulsivity and scattered quality of some boys diagnosed with ADD may simply be a side effect of a deeper problem, an inability to connect.”

Connection can be cultivated. All transformation is possible. xH

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