Saturday, October 3, 2015

97: my husband’s oscar wig

My husband and I were trying to find this one specific wideshot image from the Oscars and we were googling him and this one weird photo came up of him on stage with the oscar and what looked like a red target maybe, off to the side by his shoulder. We click and it led us to a hair loss or hair replacement forum where they were discussing his hair. A bunch of people were saying that his hair was a wig. The target photo was a photo in favor of the idea that he wears a wig and the circle was to highlight how his hair lay at the back of his neck, proving the point. They also thought it because you cannot see a part in most photos. Alas, they are un-familiar with silky asian hair. They went on and on comment after comment about how he wore a “full cap” and that he had too much hair for is age and how his hairstyle was “Bieber-ish” and too young for his age. Then there was a whole crew really into his hair color and trying to pinpoint it, wondering if it would be called ash brown, or black, or what. It was most hilarious. We got a great laugh out of it.

It was amazing to experience personally what people on the internet do. How free they are to trash someone without shame, someone with low level celebrity, anyone really. It reminded me of just how silly any of us sound if daring to talk about the way someone else looks. Some of the comments were vicious and had it indeed been a tender issue, it might really hurt. I had recently been called out on something I posted talking about someone’s looks, written 8 years ago when I was a bit more raw, relative to a story about my mental changes and seeing someone differently, and although I thought I was keeping it anonymous, I heeded the point.

Notes to self: Don’t judge or criticize other people’s appearances. Don’t read about yourself online. Don’t believe anything you read on line. Don’t think you know it all, because you don’t. If you are curious, go to the source and ask. Always remember that what other people say about you is a reflection of them not you. And most important don’t piss off Tom, or he might stuff his wig cap in your face and blind you with his shiny round head. Well, he wouldn’t do that, since he is kind and doesn’t wear a wig cap, but I might. I have been known to wear an afro puff or two and some falls, ala Bardot, now and then. And who knows, I might be completely bald underneath it all, after all I am almost 50.  Laugh a lot, it feels so good.

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  1. and remember...nobody puts pics of the days they look like crap or feel totally useless on Facebook