Saturday, October 24, 2015

76: overcoming inertia

tornado in my body, flooding of adrenaline, hurricane of fear, desire, doubt, confidence, full throttle of brain concentration while the sun beat on me at high noon in the desert and all the while my body was doing several things at once including the physical work out of singing and pushing air.

So I played my first gig in 6 years today. It was fun to get up there and I think it was really great for my daughter to see. We rocked it and had a good time, so the goals were met. Sweet success.

They say that singers have the lowest incidents of cancer. I wonder why. That aside, it felt great to sing. I love being the singer and I am really grateful for the kind invitation and opportunity to do what I do. It is great to have friends who inspire you to leave the comfort zone, who believe in your gifts even when you don’t and who bring loving support to you. I am lucky and appreciative.

The only drawback of the show was the effect on my body. It is this intense event and it wreaks havoc on me. It takes a lot to come back into myself and calm my system. I got off stage and immediately had to deal with two kids who want and need things and I was in a whole other mode. Luckily it was naptime for my son and a short conscious nap cured me of all ills.

A bunch of sweet people had lovely things to say and told me how I needed to keep playing out, which was a great compliment, but I do not have a big desire to do that. It is true that when you are doing it on a regular basis, it gets easier, becomes more matter of fact, but I am not going to be doing shows on a regular basis. So what is a good approach for once in while shows? Not sure. Naps help. Does that make me an old lady? oh well.

i wonder when i will start djing again, other than here on my blog...

Do your thing. It doesn’t matter if you do it perfect or rough and wild, a little or a lot, just do it. xh

speaking of which, a dancefloor fav i used to spin

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