Thursday, October 15, 2015

85, got to give it up: this is why someone does something awful

When someone does something terrible- is unkind, hurts someone, fails to be there when they are counted on, lies, whatever- inevitably it is because it is easy. Really simple. Most of the time they are just doing what they know, what they are used to, what was done to them, and to do the opposite takes consciousness and willingness, both of which are hard work. In some way they just do not know better. They may have a sense of what they are doing but they do not know how to do it differently Pretty simple.

That is why we don’t have to take it personally. It’s never about us, it’s always about them and their limitations.

I know because I watch myself and my limitations and sometimes I do not even know how to do any better. I try my best. Everyone is doing their best. Let go of resentments, they just can't. Love on…

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