Saturday, November 28, 2015

41: 5 kooky money experiences

They say that the having is in the asking. By asking, you have already received it. I struggled for years with understanding and allowing that. it was a hard road to allowing and receiving, but my tables eventually turned from scarcity to abundance. This is what was going on along the way:

1. One time I got new glasses and they were terrible, they gave me the wrong frames, which were way too big, even though I had ordered a smaller one, and the lenses made me dizzy. I was in my early 20’s and had no idea how to stand up for myself. I paid for the glasses and left the store mad, but unable to take care of my self. On the walk to the subway I found $80 in the street, 4 twenties, which almost exactly made up for the price.

2. Once I was really struggling for cash and I read this great horoscope by Rob Brenzsey. If you have read his work you will understand, he wrote that week about creating prosperity and likened it to sexual energy and he instructed the readers to keep $20 in their underwear, so I did. I was working as a doorperson at a club that night and at the end of the night I used the bathroom and realized that the $20 had fallen out of my underwear, assumably during an earlier bathroom trip. I looked on the filthy bathroom floor but my $20 was long gone. The hideousness brought me to hysterical laughter. The $20 did not make much difference in my life, i did not go hungry  or suffer on any way. I still excitedly read his horoscopes after that.

3. Once as teenage me and my boyfriend drove to go see AC/DC at some arena in another state I think. We did not have tickets and the show was sold out, but I just kept saying I will find a ticket on the floor. We got to the arena and walked around the parking lot looking for affordable tickets to buy, and then I looked down and found a ticket on the floor, just one. My boyfriend bought another and we went in.

4. I already have told the story of finding a $100 bill in the street, during a broke period and the story of winning $100 for “shoe realness” dressed as Jody Foster in Taxi Drive at a Shoe Ball, which I went to with the intent of winning the money, because I was broke, but they are so great that they bare repeating. Later, I won $5000 at a charity drawing, where I had made a donation. I was broke at the time and I used it to buy my first car.

5. One time my cab driver boyfriend was helping me move and I had all thee precariously packed bags in his cab. I had mentioned how I cannot stand drivers who brake hard and how that gives me motion sickness. He thought it was funny to brake hard and say “like this?” It was not funny and all my stuff jerked forward and fell over and I got motion sickness. Later that night I was unpacking my stuff and I realized that I was missing an envelope that had been on top of one of the bags that had $400 cash in it. I called him at the garage but he had already left and dropped off his cab for cleaning. I chalked it up as gone. easy come easy go. When he got home I told him the story and he rode his bike back to the depot and talked to the guys who cleaned the cab and they gave him back the cash, which they had already pocketed as a windfall for the night. Easy come easy go.

Money is funny. It comes and goes and flows and flows. Allow it to follow you all over the place and multiply. I write on every check and try to remember to say it at every cash transaction GBMTMQ, “god bless and multiply this money quickly” then I write or say THANKS.

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