Sunday, November 29, 2015


Oh George, the best looking coolest Beatle, you left us too young and too fast, passing away on this day 14 years ago, at the young age of 58. Everyone knows that All Things Must Pass really is the best of all the former Beatles’ solo albums. It came out 45 years ago and today it is just as relevant and timeless. Art Garfunkle claims that you said that His Paul was just like your Paul, but you were set free and rose to the occasion and soared. 

My three favorite George stories are that:

At the concert for Bangladesh Bob Dylan arrived at the Garden and said that he did not want to play, that it was “not his scene”. And George, annoyed, talks him into playing by saying that it was not his scene either, but that he was playing for the cause. I believe he tells the story in the amazing film of the concert.

When Phil Spector told him that My Sweet Lord was the biggest hit and first single for the album, George had reservations. He was nervous about the subject matter and exposing himself in such vulnerable way, making such a personal song about spiritual devotion into the first single, which would put all of the focus on that song. He was afraid of judgment from what I understand. But Phil said it was the hit and George accepted his decision and let go of the worry. Excuse my paraphrasing of the course of events but this is mind blowing to me, that he was nervous about being vulberable but he took a chance. That is the point of life, what we all might strive to do, to show our true self, even when it might not be the popular thing to do. Brilliant.The song went on to be the first number one hit for any ex-Beatle’s and was George’s biggest hit ever.

When George passed away his wife said that his body emitted a white light that could light up a room.

i am inspired.

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