Thursday, November 26, 2015

43: pick relationships over stuff

they say to pick relationship over other choices as opposed to “I can’t see my grandkid because I gotta get  my oil changed” so I write fast on the nights when I my family is around so I can be with them. Less interesting or profound blog, more interesting and profound life.

Today was such a nice sweet gift of warm friends and lovely company and good food. I got catatonic from the past few weeks of activity and from the food and the desert. It is hard to focus. But I will say that I have so much to be grateful for and I really love that there is a national holiday for giving thanks.

I miss the thanksgivings I grew up on in new york with my family, I miss my mother’s cooking and all of the people who are no longer with us, my father, Nanny, aunt Vera, aunt Carol, cousin Tommy. I also miss the people who are still around, but I am not seeing today. And I miss the thanksgivings we used to have in DC with my inlaws and my husband’s aunts. And I miss that Loc is not with us anymore.

Luckily, my father in law got to spend the day with us which was great. And I am lucky to have had so much good to miss.

Man, life s precious. I have said it many times but it bares repeating: appreciate the people in your life and let them know you love them, because they can be gone in a blink of an eye. Thank you to all the beautiful people in my life, I love you all.
Oh man remember when the Limelight used to have legends Sundays ( I think it was Sundays, yes?) You could go for free to see classics like Bo Diddley, Eartha Kitt, and these guys

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