Tuesday, November 24, 2015

45: Fashion check in, hot pants 71, 90, 2000, 2015, eternal

Yesterday while browsing shoes I spotted a pair of heels covered in red, blue, and green glitter fabric, color block style. They reminded me of a cheap but extraordinary pair of red, green and blue hot pants made of the exact same coarse stretchy glitter fabric, in the exact same colors, also in a color block style that I used to wear.  My sister had given them to me 25 or so years ago. I particularly remember that I wore them on stage with bare feet and a tee shirt when my band Fur got back together for a couple of shows around 2000 and played Don Hills. I still remember the label inside them, which said Soda Pop.

Out of the blue tonight I heard my daughter repeating the word wow, over and over, in my bedroom, so of course I had to go check on her.  Shockingly, she stood there wide eyed holding those very same glitter hot pants, which  had been stuffed in the back of my underwear draw for a couple of decades along with a few other prized possessions. I have no idea how they made their way into her hands. She put them on insisting they fit, but they didn't really. I love them too much to let her trash them just yet, so I said I had something better for her.

Shockingly again, I was able to pull out a pair of soft stretchy silver glitter hot pants, of the same approximate vintage. I had bought them at Patricia Field's back in the day. I think they were intended for a man, or at least displayed on a male mannequin at the time. They are so tiny. They fit a kindergartener. Intended for ultra skimpy go go, like a low cut boyshort underwear, it is hard to believe that they used to fit me and that they used to look good on me, and that I wore them as clothes on occasion, but alas it is true.

Los Angeles is having a cold spell so I had my daughter put on a pair of grey knit leggings under the silver glitter shorts, which she insisted on wearing and which were appropriate on her. The shorts fit her like regular kids' shorts and betrayed nothing about their history. Only I knew. Still, she looked quite stylish rocking the House of Field. 

What goes around comes around. Enjoy your treasures. We all have a few somewhere.

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