Saturday, November 7, 2015

62: jeepers creepers so much happens every day

I love when someone else makes me a salad. All of the same ingredients I would put in it taste so much better.

I had the best seaside lobster today.

I am convinced that being in a band is changing everything in my life for the better. So much change has catapulted through my routine and through my brain since that simple show I did two weeks ago. Two weeks. It feels like  years! I really did not think about ever being in a band again. No interest. And then after doing it by chance really, I see how singing and using my body in such a full capacity really expands everything else in my life and about my life. The art of doing creative work and having it feel good and serve you lies somewhere on the head of a pin in the mix and mess of desire and detachment, wanting it and being able to let it go. The art of doing anything and having it feel good and serve you lies there.

The big family outing today was imperfect and exhausting, but glorious at moments, as I never thought it would be warm enough to swim in the sea so I did not even bother with suits and towels and me and the kids wound up in our underwear in the pacific because it was too delectable to pass up on. I imagined my grey boyshorts looked like a suit. Maybe?

Take off your clothes and jump in!!

Ps. I LOVE Irish bands, feels like home…

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