Friday, November 20, 2015

49: heart and soul

yesterday was my 4th year anniversary of this blog! It was also my 50 days till 50. Now I am at 49 days left of being 49. A lot is going on.

I have been thinking about fear. The terrorists have really incited fear. I feel it in my body with every new news story. As a mom it is even more terrifying because it is not just me I fear for, I fear for my children and the world they will inherit. I fear for their safety and hope that they get to grow up and get to grow up with parents.

But alas, I am bigger than any of my fear. I am committed to choosing love, not fear. I am committed to living exactly as I would and believing in exactly what I believed in had not all of this horror happened and had not all these threats been made. I want to always stand on the right side of history, on the side of braveness, kindness, respect and love of humanity. I support accepting refugees. I am committed to looking past all labels and seeing all people as humans with families and hearts and souls. I refuse to allow fear con me into violating civil liberties, allowing censorship, alienating anyone because of religious beliefs, or chipping away at the freedoms expected as a US citizen (as if any of those things could have any positive consequences, ha!). We as a nation are better than that.

There will always be psychopaths out there, from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of tricks and agendas. There always has been. I might get momentarily scared, but at the end of the day when I gather myself and feel myself in my body, feet on the ground, blood moving through my heart, breath flowing in and out, everything is ok.  I am not afraid. 

just say it out loud. stand up for what you believe. it matters. 

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