Monday, November 30, 2015

My Star

Last year my job was going to honor my 10 years of service with a crystal star paperweight engraved with my name from Tiffany's, which they do for everyone who works there for ten years. I was not thrilled about it. I try not to accumulate a lot of stuff. I would have rather had something like a gift for myself, in the spirit of the old gold watch, something like a massage, or a gift certificate, whatever, but that was not going to happen. I do not mean to belittle the gesture, I just really did not want more stuff coming into my home that I did not choose. I thought about giving it my mother, or someone who might appreciate it. Anyway the anniversary came and went and I never got the star. Then after eleven years, the star came in the pretty blue box and I was really into it.

This past year, my husband won all these awards which were a big deal and there was a lot of attention about them, the Oscar, the BAFTA, etc. It was great in every way. My  5 year old daughter knew the difference between a nomination and an award and she heard her name said on television, so she was in on the whole grandness of it all. I never felt outshined in any way by all of his recognition, I just enjoyed his being rewarded for all of his hard work. I shared the joy and the fringe benefits with him. It was all great

When I brought my star home, I got this smart idea to call it an "award" when I showed it to my daughter. It was a small gesture but I wanted to give her the notion that women get awards too. I often think about how to be a role model to her and what I want to model and I want to always model the equality of women to her. She thought the star was beautiful and danced around when she saw it. She beamed over my "award" which made me beam too. I decided to keep it because she appreciates it and loves it. I love it too. It sits by the Oscar and next to a blue glass alligator awarded to my husband at the New Orleans Film Festival.

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