Tuesday, November 3, 2015

66: ssss tttt rrrr eeee tttt cccc hhhh

omg, I am being put through the spiritual wringer of unparalleled proportions. It is almost unbearable. And I am being carried by an inexplicable grace. I am being S T R E T C H E D as a human being and I think healed because of it. One challenge after another is place in my path daily, it is so uncoincidental that it is not funny. It all makes sense and should be kicking my ass but I am being given more and more capacity as I sit with each blinding incident.

I have been turning away form judgment and embracing empathy, mostly for my self. I think that is the key. Love you and miss you, people. Sorry to be writing unspecifically, but I can’t do it different. xxH

stretch your capacity to handle big stuff

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