Saturday, November 21, 2015

48: your guitar sounds so sweet and clear

yesterday I started to think about writing music again, writing for myself, for my band. I have been writing published songs for the last 35 years and unpublished gems from the time I was in kindegarten for the last 45, but for the last decade or so I wrote only for and with other artists. So I started the process by thinking about what I wanted to say and how. It is weird because I am not hungry nor discontent anymore, I have nothing to prove, I am not interested in being judgmental and angry nor competitive. Those were all the things that drove me in the past so where does the drive come from now?

I know, I know, I write this bg everyday but the drive to write a blog is so different than the drive to write three minute pop nuggets and the material is so incompatible. Songs need to come from a really specific place, at least the songs I like do. It is interesting to explore how to proceed. I have a few clues, as someone who is quite competitive with me, who I do not interact with showed up in my feed and that gave me some ideas of where to get drive from. Maybe I am still competitive. Or maybe I need a muse? hmmmm

The hilarious thing about restarting this process is just how prehistoric my gear is. My guitar tuner, which was a gift and an update to the prehistoric one I used to have, and which I thought was super modern, is so dated that my bandmate called it old school. And the way I always wrote for myself was on a tape recorder and I just found out that it is hard to get cassette tapes these days, who knew? So I am dusting off my ancient artifacts and looking at how to write songs again. Talk about living it up these last two months of being in my 40’s!

It’s never too late to start ot to pick up where you left off.

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