Friday, December 25, 2015

14: merry Christmas

I missed being with my new york family this Christmas but spent it on vacation in Miami because it was the only time my husband was free and we really needed a vacation. We are in heaven here.

The ocean in Miami is the best American beach. In south beach there is a sand bar 80 feet or so from the shore so the crystal blue green water of my beloved Atlantic is calm and rolling like an inlet, like Coney Island, and it is ideal for kids. We clowned around in paradise all week and Santa managed to find us in or hotel on this 85 degree balmy day. Not a bad way to spend Christmas, but it was easy to forget all about the holidays.

today I thought about spending an icy stingy cold Christmas night going to see Johnny Thunders at the Pepermint Lounge and another Christmas night throwing a green door party and dancing till dawn and going to another party after that.

Tonight I miss my sister and niece and mom, and tradition, but I am thrilled to lay in bed and watch Bob's Burgers and The Cleveland Show with my husband and kids (luckily it is all over their heads, but still funny to them). Happy holidays and joy to the world.

If I were linking songs of course it would be

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