Friday, December 18, 2015

21: Everything is better

Yesterday in the eye of the storm I bought a snack in the cool health food store, not whole foods, and I asked the older man guy at the check out how he was. He said fine and asked me back and I said fine and then I said “No I’m not. I am doing terrible. I am under so much stress. It is awful.” He immediately nodded. I said that it felt like I was baring the stress of the whole city and he said, “I know.” I said that it seemed to come with the season whether you wanted it or not, even if you were trying to detach somehow you got pulled into the vortex of stress and he said  “I know. It is terrible right now.” I said thanks and left.

Later that night I meditated sitting up for the first time in a long time. I meditate every night while I am putting the little one to bed and I am lying down. It is imperfect but the only way right now. Anyway, while sitting, I felt the energy bouncing around my body like a pinball machine. It was almost painful, but then it started to subside. I started to ground and then everything changed. i already knew it would. I was released from the tidal wave of misfortune that I’ve been howling over for the last few days and every thing went miraculously smooth today. Now I am in complete ease. Everything is awesome and what a difference a day makes.

Meditate for life. so easy, so hard.

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