Wednesday, December 16, 2015

23: turn that ship around

thank you all for caring and offering empathy yesterday. i was overwhelmed by the kindness. so here are today's luxury problems and the tiny insight.

1. My favorite sweater, the one that I wear all the time because it looks so good on me and fixes any issues, the one that is like my uniform and is soooo flattering, got shrunk and wrecked, washed in warm water by mistake. 

2. An acquaintance  of around 30 or 40 (?) heard someone ask me “how is the baby?” and he said “oh you have grandkids?" Yep. I am being asked to be humble. Taking it all with a grain of salt, as best I can

Aside from that, I had two adults help with the lice cleaning tonight which was amazing and it was still unmanageable, but I am so glad to have two little heads that are mine to care for, so I am doing my best with the task at hand.

For every difficulty there is the brilliant luck that I have some amazing gift that caused the difficulty. If I am hurt by loss, the gratitude is because I was lucky enough to have had. If I am horrified by the pile of dishes, I am thankful for the food. Turn it around.

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