Friday, December 11, 2015

28: growing up

Yesterday I went to my daughter’s school to give her the antibiotics I forgot to give her in the morning. The office called her classroom and asked her to come to the office to take her medicine.  I waited in the office a few minutes and I heard her and another girl talking and walking down the corridor.

They came into the room and I talked to them both, thanked the friend for coming with her, gave my kid the meds and  kissed her and sent her back. The girls went out the wrong door and giggled as they realized and bumbled around a bit and then found their way and headed back to class. I walked over to the gate and I watched them walk down the hall in their dresses and cool modern kid shoes and stayed till they disappear into their classroom.

I was a bit overwhelmed with feelings, as it was this perfect little moment of watching someone grow up. I watched her leave me comfortably, knowing where she was going and happy to go there, happily chatting with her friend on their adventure. It was no bid deal but so profound, sweet, bittersweet, touching, moving and universal. Everything, really, in that short incident.

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