Thursday, December 10, 2015

29: on this day in rock history cbgb's opened it's doors...

Today, Dec 10th, is the anniversary of the opening of CBGB’s, 42 years ago in 1973. I am not all the invested in that part of my history. I spent many a night there, played there a bunch of times, including my first show. Kissed a few players there, had my only fist fight there, saw many great bands there, grew up there, but I have lived so many lives since then. I am not attached to it in a card carrying member type way. I certainly do not distancemyself but it was not the high point that I try to relive either. It was a great time, one period in the long illustrious life, as it should be. Still, I clicked on a link and watched the 1978 documentary about the joint. What is amazing, aside from how everybody talks the way I used to talk (and still do sometimes, but not as bad, right?) is how that sensibility of early new york punk is etched into my brain, is almost part of my DNA, it is so intrinsic to who I am even if I am so many other things too and so far away from it all. Mindblowing how our past informs us forever in a great way. A young Dee Dee still makes me swoon in some ancient teenage way. Fun to watch and remember and feel and taste and smell and hear. Happy birthday old pal. Embrace it all, people.

If you wanna watch the doc:

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