Wednesday, December 30, 2015

3 more things

Back when I had time and money to burn I went to some office in midtown and had two silver rings cast. One said “Motor” with two dots over the “o” and the other said “head”. I found them last night and am wearing them as I type. I have been remembering how important Lemmy and his band had been to me. They really were the epitome of cool.

In my humble opinion I feel like Lemmy had always been at peace with life and I think he is at peace with death, he pretty much said that publicly. So I am compelled to write a little more tonight and compelled to keep it light and just give credit where credit is due:

1. Lemmy had great style because he knew how to wear white shoes, a brilliant look that very few men (or women) know how to rock.

2. There is no band shirt cooler than “Gimme Motorhead”. the "Motorhead "/"England" one comes pretty close.

3. Everyone who knows the band knows this but so many others do not, so it bears mentioning that Lemmy named his album “No Sleep till Hammersmith” before the Beastie Boys, in homage, came out with “No Sleep till Brooklyn.” The difference is that Lemmy meant it.

End of an era. Peace.

This clip is brilliant
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