Tuesday, December 1, 2015

38: once i won a $50 bet off someone who said handsome dick manitoba wasn't jewish

yep, on tour in europe with another band. We were in being put up in someone's home who had nazi artifacts around the house. some members of the other band happened to be jewish, but it was offensive and uncomfortable to all of us, jewish or not. I think we were in sweden or norway? Anyway, the guy in the other band calmly started a conversation with the host about it, assertive but not aggressive. The host got real soft on the matter, said that he was just interested in the stuff, and got interested, as in got human, when he found himself talking to a jewish person. Later on the topic of jews and bands was going around and, I think it was me who mentioned Handsome Dick Manitoba of the Dictators. One of the guys in the other band said that he was italian not jewish.

Well, I am always one to know a good bet when it presents itself to me to and one to jump on it promptly. In the next breath I bet him $500 that he was wrong and I was right. he was about to take the bet when my bandmate stepped in and said why not make the bet more reasonable, something that you can actually pay eachother, how about one days per dium, which was $50, and which we got everyday, so it would be easy to pay off. She had my best interests in mind and made a smart call.

 We used the hosts phone to call long distance to Coney Island high where I had Jesse Malin or somebody answer the question over the phone. The guy never made good on the bet.

Then a few months later he needed a tour address form me and I was broke and I made reference to the address in exchange for the money and he paid in a slightly our way. I was kind of an asshole about it, not my highest self, but so was he for not originally making good on his bet.

man i loved this song at 18, just listening right now i can smell my bedroom and the transistor that was playing the cassette.


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