Saturday, December 26, 2015

Airport peace, transatlantic tripping and throw up on the way to lax!

I crossed the continent today.

on the plane I remembered flying from London with a guy in the late 80's. We had hash left over from Amsterdam and so right before security we ate it. he passed out and I tripped my brains out alone on my first transatlantic flight, my third flight ever. I kept pushing the button that tells the stewardess to come to you seat, not knowing that is what it did. Ah, youth

Our holiday air travels were soooooo stress less and easy. I was nervous as I second guessed flying, scared that it was a mistake to try and fly for a vacation over Xmas. Then, as  we were about to leave to go to LAX, we were actually walking out the door of out home, my son vomited and I had to take off all of his clothes and diaper and stick him in the tub. And we had forgotten to factor long term parking into our plan and we were sitting in 3 separate rows on the plane- me and my lap infant in one row, husband in another, and 5 year old in another. we wre running so late yet, shockingly, somehow it was so easy to get to the airport and get through security and get to the gate early to find out they had already fixed our seats and put us all together. Coming home was just was fast and easy. Airport  peaceful! 

If I were posting songs, it would be this:

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