Monday, December 7, 2015

am i pregnant?

Let's start at the beginning. So my period is a few weeks late, which it never is, and today I felt nauseated all day. (is that the right way to say it, apparently saying I felt nauseous, which I have said my whole like, is incorrect. Anyway, too freaked out to care). So it is pretty impossible for me to be pregnant, but the couple of times I was, I felt like this. Could you imagine!!?? If I am pregnant I would be having  a baby at 50. OMG. This is way to crazy.

I figured I would write about it just incase I am, so we have a starting point to the story. I really do not want another baby, but.....I mean I am pretty overwhelmed with two kids and really excited that soon the youngest will start nursery school. My husband and I sometimes refer to the time in the future when we won't have little ones and we can do more things like trave,l and have get always, and sleep in, and oh so many freedoms... but alas, if I am pregnant it will just add two years onto the time frame. We will just be sent back to "start" and life will still all happen as we imagined, just two years later. Urg. I really DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO START. I really like where I am as a parent and where I am going. The reason I am able to write this blog is because I am not invested in being pregnant, if I were I would never write this. BUT, I will say that if I were to be given the opportunity to give birth to a child, I would have to take it. I could not say no, if the embreyo were healthy and all that. I think I would have to go for it. I would want the experience. I hope I am not pregnant.

So I am guessing that I am not pregnant, because it is almost impossible. I won't say anything else about it unless it turns out I am, and then you will be along for the whole ride. Kinda like the Oscars but less exciting and interesting to most people. not me. xxh

get the facts, stay open to possibility, keep an open mind, oh wow...

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