Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I am sure that nobody cares about this

I am going to write what I often think when writing but never write, and say, I am sure that nobody cares about this. I need a shoulder to cry on and I need empathy and I need to keep it positive or I will melt down myself, so I am writing it.

it is 9:30pm and I  have not eaten dinner yet. So very hungary and exhausted, I write while heating a random lame dinner.

After finding out the public schools were closed due to terror threat this lovely morning, I decided to get my itchy head checked for lice. I had already been declared lice free by professionals on the weekend and I had checked the whole family and found not a thing, but still felt itchy.

I am indeed still lice free. However, I saw my son scratch his head at the salon so I asked them to check him, just for peace of mind, and lo and behold both kids had it. Maximum drag.

So we got checked at noon, and had to come back at 3 to be treated. My son napped during the break and then we were there in the salon till 5:30 and drove home in rush hour traffic till 6:30. Then I had to wash everything and had no quarters. By the time I got quarters from neighbors and got the wash in the machines it was already the kids bedtime. The ordeal took the entire day and is far from over

Here are the miracles:
I had the sense to bring lunch and dinner to the salon so they ate lunch on the way, ate snacks during the treatment and ate dinner in the car home. It was sheerly miraculous that this happened. So when I got them home so late they were well fed and calm and after the wash was in the machines I gave them a quick bath and got them to bed only about 45 minutes later than normal.

Incase you are just reading this cold, my whole day is centered around feeding my kids, they need to eat so much and their whole state of mind is dependent on food. The same for schedules and sleep. They need routine and somehow I kept it together. I also need routines. I love having them in bed and having time to unwind each night. It is the only way to recharge for the next day.

But today they got off to sleep late and now I am cooking and there is a sink full of dishes and no sleep till hammersmith my dear friends… but I did what needed to be done and that is amazing. Wish me luck as I spend this holiday charged week doing the wash daily and cleaning wildly and hopefully having a bug free Christmas vacation. Stay calm and carry on ( I always liked the original).

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