Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nyc 1989: Sneaking into pools and getting into fights

In the late 80's I was dating this ex con who was trouble and also up for  lots of adventure, thus the appeal. One hot summer night he said "let's go sneak into the Leroy street pool". I forget the real name of it, the public pool in the west village. Anyway, I was thrilled to go for a midnight swim and have someone willing to do it with me. We hopped the fence and took off our clothes and swam in our underwear. I had on a black bra and black underwear. It was so fun to swim under the stars on a horribly humid New York night. 

There were a bunch of teenagers and a few older guys  hanging out there already when we got there. When we got out of the pool and put our clothes on, my boyfriend's Cramps shirt was missing. he walked up to the other trespassers and said in typical prison fashion, "which one of you assholes took my tee shirt. Someone gestured to show him his shirt was on a roof of some structure. My boyfriend scaled the wall in a very Spider-Man way and grabbed his shirt and we started to leave the pool.

suddenly, one of the guys yelled something like "get him" and everyone jumped up and chased us. Chased him, but I was chased by proximity. We got to the locked gate of the pool and I have no idea home we got out, but we did, and flooding out after us was everybody else. For some reason no one touched me but they started to beat up my partner pretty bad. Then someone's big brother drove by and yelled at him for ganging up on someone. That killed the mood I guess and they stopped besting him up. my boyfriend said he'd fight any one of them one on one but no one took him up.

Walking home bloodied, we saw a cop car and told them what happened and they just shrugged.

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